Who am I?

An online weekend of The Work

An online weekend of The Work of Byron Katie with certified facilitator Kathy White.

Questioning your identity to find the freedom and truth of who you really are.

Who am I? is a question posed for millennia by sages and gurus.

In this online weekend workshop, you are invited to use a form of self-inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, as a tool to meditate on any stressful identities you hold. Whether it is through work, family or friends, explore how stressful thoughts arise in relationship to your identity. Find freedom and access who you are beyond your identifications.

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple yet radical tool of self-inquiry that has been used for the past 30 years by thousands of people all over the world. Using four questions and turnarounds, you inquire into the thoughts that are causing you stress in your life, turn those thoughts around and so access the timeless wisdom within you.

This is an online event hosted on zoom by the Krishnamurti Foundation Canada.


Friday 23rd Sept 2022 10am - 12noon (Pacific Time)

Introduction to The Work of Bryon Katie

Saturday 24th September 2022 10am – 12.00 noon (Pacific Time)

Exploring identities through our relationships

Sunday 25th September 2022 10am – 12.00pm (Pacific Time)

Using inquiry to question who you are, gain a deeper understanding of what insights come from asking "Who am I?".