Yoga and The Chakras


I have been teaching Yoga for over twenty years. My website is the best place to discover more about Kaiut Yoga - the method which I teach. I see The Work of Byron Katie as a "Yoga for The Mind" and love to teach the same principles in Yoga. I invite my students to explore the physical body to discover the stressful areas and to dissolving them through mindful awareness.


How is your body energy? Are you aware of where you may have energy blocks? Can you find ways to remove them?

The word "chakra" means wheel.

It is a sanskrit term to describe the wheels of energy centres in the body - mapped by the ancient yogis of long ago. For thousands of years many people have used the chakra system to align and heal their health, their wealth, their relationships and ultimately their connection to the divine.

I trained and became a Certified Sivananda Yoga teacher in 2000. Part of the training was on the ancient texts and scriptures from the yogic tradition which included a study of the chakra system.

I have since studied and read the work of Anodea Judith, Belinda Davidson and Dr. Joe Dispenza regarding the energy systems of the body.

Through my yoga practice on my mat, my meditation practice and my use of The Work have come to understand and harness the amazing power of my body's energy centres.

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