Art Therapy

You are a creative being.

From the beginning of time humans have sung, danced, drummed, painted, told stories, written poetry, made pots, clothes and created.

Everyone is born with an ability to be creative.

To live life well requires imagination, dreams, visions and the ability to try things out and experiment. To tap into the innate creativity within you is a path for healing and fulfillment.

And what is required to live life well, are the exact same things that are required to make art. In an art therapy session you are invited to imagine, dream, try things out and experiment...

I offer Art Therapy as a psychotherapeutic intervention to help you access your creative wisdom and the wild wonder of the muse.

I am a registered Art Therapist and have worked in many settings, with private clients, in public health, hospice and palliative care, schools, NHS mental health facilities, a children's hospital and I have experience of working with all age ranges children and adults and adolescents.

Art Therapy is a way to express your dreams, your visions and your unconscious parts of yourself through the medium of art.

You do not need to identify yourself as an artist, or especially creative to be able to benefit from Art Therapy.

All you need is a willingness and openness to a medium (could be clay, paint, fabric, photography, collage, found objects in nature or other, or a combination of any of these mediums) and the process of expression of yourself through that medium.

What you create is not evaluated or viewed from right/wrong, good/bad viewpoint.

Typically an art therapy session will have a period of creation and a period of reflection. With the help of an art therapist you can begin to dialogue with your art and your creativity to let it speak to you of things you might otherwise leave unsaid. Art is a powerful and potent tool for healing.

I can work with you offering pure Art Therapy sessions, and I can include some art therapy exercises when working as a coach, combining art therapy with other modalities of inquiry and transformation.

Contact for more information about art therapy sessions. If you have your own art materials, a session can be conducted online via skype.

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