About Kathy White

For almost 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of people around the world to access their inner wisdom, find their own true answers and radiate with brilliance in their new found freedom.

Coach The Work

I've worked with clients who have released age-old fears, limiting core beliefs and chronic self-doubt. Free from such limiting beliefs they have amazing breakthroughs. Enjoyed new ways of doing business. They have gained energy, resolved old relationships, taken bold steps towards long held dreams. Discovering who they really are beyond their limiting beliefs, their heart’s wisdom and soul purpose, they radiate with new life, and everything starts to shine.

I use The Work of Byron Katie to addresses my clients’ whole picture of their lives; any area of distress or problem can be inquired into which can result in all other areas being equally transformed.

In addition to coaching, I am also a highly skilled workshop leader, inspirational speaker and loving mum.

Always a student never a teacher

I don't like being called an expert, I see myself in all humility as a perpetual student. I continue to learn from life, from my clients and from my children most of all.

I've had a lifelong desire for learning that enabled me to gain three degrees and become a fully qualified Art psychotherapist ( registered with the Health Professions Council UK, and a member of the British Association of Art Therapists). My studies and trainings have given me qualifications and experiences in The Work of Byron Katie©, Simplicity Parenting©, Process Orientated Psychology, mindfulness, Dynamic Self-governance (Sociocracy), Advaita Vedanta, Appreciative Inquiry, Sivananda and Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Family and Systemic Constellations and The Transformation Game™. I recently qualified as a Kaiut Yoga Teacher and opened my own studio in my basement where I now teach three classes a week.

For over 23 years, I was a long time member of the internationally famous spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland, in that time I had over 8 years of working in Human Resources, or Spiritual and Personal Development Department. The experience of community living and working with the staff and guests who came to the community gave me a solid grounding in training, supervision, special care awareness in ways that address both the spiritual and earthly needs of individuals, groups, businesses and organizations.

My motto to remain always a student helps me to remain in service to others with an open mind to whatever needs to unfold in the moment.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Everyone suffers tragedy in their lives. My own personal loss of my first born child means I can understand grief, transformation, and how to heal from trauma. By using the tools I now share with others today, I have taken lessons of my son’s death and gained a deeper awareness of life and consciousness itself. I see the wisdom in guiding others through their stressful, angry, sad and negative thoughts, beliefs and actions.

After my son's death, I went on to have two other children. I am passionate about working with parents on issues around raising children, I won a scholarship and was the founder of a UK based social enterprise serving parents - more information is available on www.joyfulparents.co.uk

Transformational Programs and Processes

I've been told I have an uncanny ability to name what is underlying the stress or problem in your life. That I have a laser like ability to dive right into the areas that need transformation. My art therapy sessions are revealing, creative and insightful. My one to one coaching programmes of The Work enable clients to connect to their own solutions. I use systemic constellations to reveal what your non-verbal body says about a situation. I bring in dynamic self-governance in business and organizations to enable everyone to have a voice. My years as a yoga teacher (and recent re-training in the Kaiut Method) has brought and deepened my knowledge and wisdom regarding the body, and it's capacity to store information, trauma and the power of the body to transform and heal.

I have a whole range of skills and tools at my disposal which helps me to respond and create tailor made programmes for individual clients or businesses.

Working with me gives a way to access the magic of what is possible in life. I like to guide you with insight, humour and wisdom to the turnaround process of life and manifest remarkable outcomes.

Travelling globally including Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, London, Kuwait, Greece and many parts of the UK I have facilitated many clients individually, in teams and in businesses from all areas and walks of life to find their own inner wisdom, peace and happiness. In 2018 I moved with my family to the beautiful west coast of Canada, now living on Vancouver Island, I am happy to continue with clients via skype (late afternoon and evening sessions available for UK and European clients).

I'm happy to be in high demand! I often have a waitlist of clients wishing to work with me. However please do contact me if you are interested in bringing me into your business, or having me be your coach.

I offer a complimentary session if you are considering working with me, and then we can discuss further about timing.