Remote Instruction Resources for Littles

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Here are my resources for remote learning in my @Kindrocket, Kinder Class. This is a work in progress. All my materials are licensed under the creative commons. You can share it, remix it, and use it for non-commercial uses with citation. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

🚀Files, Forms, and Templates for Teachers, Students, and Families - #FileMakeACopy

🚀Downloadable Video Files for Class Usage!

🚀Quizizz Lesson & Formative Assessment

🚀Seesaw Activities Video Tutorials

This video will give some tips of creating Seesaw activities for remote learning with Screencastify!

This tutorial will give you some tips on how to create sorts with Google Slides and Seesaw!

If your files are taking a while to upload to Seesaw, it may be because large video sizes. Here is a way for Mac users to shrink video file size!

This video will show you how to make the "Floating head" effect using Screencastify!

This video show you how to make an explore and find activity using slides and LunaPic!

Check out how to give some quick and effective Feedback in Seesaw!

📹4 Tips for Amazing Video Lessons in Seesaw: Activity Series

Tip 1: Record an instructional video in the Multimedia Instruction or Example section of an activity

Tip 2: Annotate and record a picture for an instructional video in the Multimedia Instruction or Example section of an activity

Tip 3: Record an instructional video with the activity on one of the student template pages

Tip 4: Record an instructional video with an outside tool like Screencastify

🚀Using Google Meet to Connect and Teach your Students

Level 1: This is a video to send to parents (English and Spanish) to get them to connect to Google Meet via Seesaw

Level 1: This video demonstrate how to share you Google Meet link via Seesaw for the first time.

Level 2: Here is how to manage a Google meet, online learning, with little Learners.

Level 2: Here are 4 tips for a Smoother Google Meet with Littles. You can find the slides here:

🚀Seesaw Webinar Series - 2 hour Webinar Recordings

In part 1, we go over the basics of Seesaw to get you started

In part 2, we get started in creating some activities to assign to our students!

In part 3, we learn how to move our activities up to the next level.

In part 4, we make beautiful background in Seesaw with and Google Slides! Get the accompanying slides here: