Kern River Valley and

Lake Isabella

Holiday Services

Local living Danes and Americans provide personal service, knowledge and the best and least expensive experience in South California

You can get a lower cost holiday than you ever knew

There are direct low cost flights with Norwegian directly from Copenhagen to Los Angeles. You can be picked up in LAX Airport in a TURO rented car, packed with what you need for Camping, fishing, hiking or what your choice is in Kern River Valley/Lake Isabella. If you have designed an online map from home, you can take of right away. When you arrive to the Kern River Valley/Lake Isabella, you will be welcomed by locals. They will welcome you and you may have use the local guides for hiking, fishing, rafting, canoing, gold panning or what you have choosen you want to do.

NB: Veterans and Veteran Families are most welcome, and may be specially welcomed by here living Veterans.

How it works

Contact a host and explain your wishes. Your host helps you with good advice and helps you arrange a vacation tailored to your wishes according to this checklist:

  • What do you want to experience - where do you want to go?
      • Your host will provide advice on what there is to experience at your budget. Also things that traditional tourists do not experience. Many good experiences do not cost much.
  • Do you have the right Visa?
  • Find the best and lowest cost flight fare
  • Rent the best and lowest cost car or motorhome
    • You'll be helped with what you have to do with drivers license, registration and what else is required to rent a car
  • Find the best and lowest cost first night accomodation - or for the entire trip if you prefer
  • Arrange your pick-up at the Airport and what gear you want it packed with.
  • Go on your adventure vacation
  • Come back, deliver your rental car and be transported to the airport

What are the costs?

The knowledge and relations a local host on your vacation destination can help you save a lot of money and basically you pay the costs of things. On top of that you pay a fee to the host and those who help you out with planning and driving etc.

  • It is free to contact a host
  • If you chooose us, we expect an hourly payment of $50 per hour, depending on the services we provide and the savings you achieve.
  • The money you spend will be saved - almost guaranteed

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