Our Mission

C.O.D.E. (Community Outreach & Diversity Efforts) is a volunteer organization based in Bronx, NY. We are comprised of members of the scientific community who strive to actively counteract barriers to research engagement within underserved communities in the Bronx and greater New York City area. Our work aims to make science both inviting and accessible, and we hope our efforts ignite interest in STEM within the next generation, particularly those from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. We further believe in upholding principles of equity and inclusion within our own research, and work to amplify the voices of our research participants and local community in this context.

Our Work

Community Outreach

Engaging with underserved communities in NYC.

Feedback Loop

Amplifying the voices of participants in research.


Educating the broader scientific community.

We welcome all questions, suggestions, comments, and concerns related to C.O.D.E., our mission, and our work. Please email us at codecommittee2020@gmail.com and a C.O.D.E. member will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.