Cebu Normal University College of Arts and Sciences will conduct the 1st International Conference for the Arts and Sciences (ICAS).

This will be on September 18 - 19, 2019 from 8:00 - 5:00 PM at the 7th Floor TAC Building, Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.



THEME: Arts and Sciences Converges: Mainstreaming Creative Works and Scientific Innovations in the 21st Century

Cebu Normal University College of Arts and Sciences will be sponsoring the 1st International Conference on Arts and Sciences (ICAS) with the theme "Arts and Sciences Converges: Mainstreaming Creative Works and Sciences Innovations in the 21st Century" at 7th Floor TAC Building, Cebu Normal University, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, Philippines on September 18-19, 2019.

This conference is open to all faculty in basic education and tertiary education, researchers, research directors and graduate students here and abroad.

Abstract of not more than 250 words shall be emailed to cnuicassecretariat@gmail.com with the subject heading "Abstract for ICAS". Deadline for submission of abstract will be on August 27, 2019. Registration fee will be paid through CebuanaLhuillier in any branches nationwide using the receiver's name Mrs. Dulce B. Anlagan with the contact no. 0917-7161136. Pre-registration can be done through this LINK.

For further information and/or inquiries, please contact College of Arts and Sciences office with contact numbers Globe: 0956-5990256; Sun: 0933-4146559; and Landline: 254-6814 local 140 and please look for Ms. Jo Ann Guerrero.


            • Php 4,000 (inclusive of kits, certificates, snacks and lunch)
            • US $100 (for International participants)

There are four (4) streams of presentation:

          • Language, Literature & Communication
          • Physical Education, Sports & Exercise Science
          • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
          • Humanities and Social Sciences that includes and not limited to Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Public Governance and Tourism.

Language, Literature & Communication

This conference stream comprises three big concepts: (1) language which can be translated to language and advertising, language and community, language and cultural identity, language and culture, language and gender, language and literacy, language and the media, language and politics, and language and technology; (2) literature which can be decoded in religion and literature, modern literature, sex and romance in literature, the American dream in literature, the works of Hemingway, the stream of consciousness style of literature, artificial language in literature, mythology as literature, the image of death as character in literature, literature for children and etc.; and (3) communication which can be explained in different context such as intercultural communication, family communication, interpersonal communication, health communication, risk and disaster communication, youth and family communication, educational communication, ethics in communication, marketing communication, media and development, digital technologies, peace and conflict communication, political communication, human rights and among others that in a way can produce researches to raise the bar of the discipline.

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Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science

This stream is considered as a dissemination platform for research articles and/or research outputs for physical education, sports science, health and its allied fields e.g. adapted physical activity, kinesiology, nutrition in sports and exercise, physiotherapy, sports medicine, sports management, sports sociology, sports tourism, and health education with the aim of motivating physical educators, sports scientists and allied professionals to produce innovative researches to advance the discipline.

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Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Natural Science stream focuses on researches aimed at understanding natural phenomena based on empirical evidence and experimentation. This stream is not only limited to life science (biological science) and physical sciences (earth science, astronomy, chemistry, physics), it also covers interdisciplinary studies ranging from biophysics to biochemistry, chemical biology to geophysics, as well as environmental science, nanoscience, bioinformatics and forensics, and others.

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Humanities and Social Sciences

This track will provide a platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners to present and discuss current issues and challenges facing global society in the field of Social Sciences, Arts, Philosophy, Law, Business, Economics, Tourism, Psychology, Politics and Governance. Discussions will encourage interdisciplinary, theoretical perspectives and solutions for innovation, sustainability and human development in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Themes for this track includes Humanities & Arts, Women and Gender Equality, Economic and Community Development, Law and Social Justice, Sociological Concepts and Practices, Social Sciences and Modern Trends, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organization, Local Governance and Decentralization, Social Development, Psychology and Counselling, Tourism, Wellness and Hospitality.

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