CNN is 1984

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This site is based on a post I made to reddit:

It’s a real life 1984, and these very leaks, transcribed and told to the world could very well be our generation's 1984! I am not exaggerating, it’s that bad!

I will be trying to build out the crucial narrative structure from part two of the CNN leaks. I will pull out only the important audio from each day. Please pm me on reddit to help transcribe.

Each section is a full (edit: work) day in the life of Sophia, an intern at CNN international desk. Her day follows a fairly typical corporate pattern of large open floor office work, individual one on one meetings and group meetings. I have tried to highlight the key 1 on 1 meetings that occur each day to filter down to the important conversations she has with her superiors.

Fri, 7-10-2009 - "Well I, um, I looked at the constitution"

Friday 7-10-2009 Sophia is working on a story on Honduras. She thinks she has a new angle after reading up on the Honduras Constitution and some of the local press. She is attempting to see if she can get her story published to wires or She is told to speak with Arthur Brice, who does not at all like the angle she is taking.

Link to full day audio from project veritas:

2:30:00 Summary: Sophia meets with a manager, she isn't sure who she needs to contact to help get her story published.

Cropped Audio (1min 30): 7-10-Manager transcript:

2:40:00 - Summary- Sophia's manager Saad tells her she should speak with Arthur Brice since he is looking into the Honduras stories.

Cropped Audio (1min 40): Saad (Manager) transcript:

5:10 - Summary - Arthur has problems with Sophie's approach, the indoctrination begins.

Cropped Audio(25min 13): 1:1 Arthur Brice transcript: (coming soon) please pm me on reddit to help transcribe

Monday , 7-13-2009 - "You can't say this!"

Monday 7-13-2019 - After the weekend, Sophia starts Monday morning meeting Arthur again, trying to get her story on Honduras published. Arthur does not think she is writing a "news story" . She starts investigating some irregularities with Sotomayor's polls at CNN and brings it up with a manager. She meets with Arthur at the end of the day who is busy and sets up a meeting for tomorrow morning.

Link to full day audio from Project Veritas:

00:22:56 - Summary - Sophia starts her week off with a long meeting with Arthur Brice. He has lots of revisions for her and doesn't like her Honduras story even after the changes she made.

Cropped Audio Link(25min 59 sec): 1:1 w Arthur Brice (Honduras)

Transcript: (Coming soon) please pm me on reddit to help transcribe

00:55:00 Summary - After a pause, the meeting with Arthur Brice continues. He knew she was latino and it turns out he was right. The casual racism in this clip is priceless.

Cropped audio Link(5min 11) - 1:1 Arthur Brice continued

Transcript: (Coming soon) please pm me on reddit to help transcribe

04:10:00- Summary - Meets with manager on issue with CNN's Sotomayor polls, they tell her who she can contact about it

Cropped Audio Link(2min 02) - Sotomayor Polls first discussion

Transcript: (Coming soon) please pm me on reddit to help transcribe

07:00:00- Summary - Meeting with Arthur, he reviews some changes but is busy, sets up another meeting for tomorrow AM re Honduras story.

Cropped Audio Link(1min 41sec) - Arthur Brice 1:1 Honduras busy

Transcript: (Coming soon)

Tuesday 7-14-2009 - "Now Be Carefull"

Tuesday 7-14-2009 Summary: Sophia spends most of her day in an internship training event in some kind of production studio listening to things like camera angles etc.. She has two crucial 1:1 meetings, one immediately to start the day with Arthur Brice. He initially pretends he is busy but Sophia brings up the Sotomayor issue and he gives his opinion. Later in the day she talks about the Sotomayor situation with Joe Sterling, News Desk Editor in a 1:1, he warns her to be very careful about the story she is now working on.

Link to full day audio from Project Veritas:

00:00:41.041s - 00:08:28.000s - Summary - 1:1 with Arthur Brice. Sophia brings up the Sotomayor situation.

Cropped Audio Link(7min,52s ): 1:1 w/ Arthur Brice, Sotomayor -

Transcript: (Coming soon)

04:38.45.000s-04:56:00.000s Summary - 1:1 with Joe Sterling, News Desk editor. Sophia and Joe talk about the Sotomayor polls situation.

Cropped audio Link(17min, 15s) - 1:1 w/ Joe Sterling (Sotomayor polls) -

Transcript: (Coming soon)


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