Cognitive neuroscience lab - DS

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab @ Duksung Women's University (CNL-DS)

Our lab investigate mental process and related neural mechanisms involved in visual motion perception and working memory mainly by conducting sophisticated behavioral studies. Techniques for measuring brain activities (EEG) are also available. Specific topics are as listed below.

Our lab is in close collaboration with Cognitive Development & Developmental Disorder Lab led by Soyeon Kim, Ph.D.

1. Visual perception

Motion perception, Biological motion perception, and underlying neural mechanisms. Visual deficits and underlying neural mechanisms in patients with schizophrenia, people with mood disorders as well as in healthy individuals.

2. Cognitive process and deficits

Working memory deficits, attentional problems in schizophrenia. Neural substrates of cognitive processes and deficits.

3. Relationship between perceptual/cognitive processes and social functioning/emotion

Recent News

2019.2. "Encoding and maintenance of the biological motion information during working memory tasks in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls" is presented at 2019 Korean Society for Cognitive & Biological Psychology, Yongpyong, Korea.

2019.1. The abstract "Influence of color on emotional information processing in the perception of biological motion (J. Kim, H.Lee, Y. Kim, E. Jo, ordered in random)" was accepted for presentation at APA 2019, Chicago, USA

2018. 9. A paper coauthored with Hannah Lee was accepted for publication in Science and Emotion Sensibility

2018. 7. Funding by National Research Foundation of Korea (~2019.6). Yuri Kim and Eun-ui Jo joined the project.

2018.1. A paper coauthored with Hannah Lee was accepted for publication in Korean Journal of Cognitive and Biological Psychology

2018.1. A paper coauthored with Wonjin Seo, Sumin Lee, Mirihae Kim was published in Journal of Social Science

2017.10. A paper coauthored with Hannah Lee was published in PLoS ONE

Contact Information

Tel : 02-901-8308

Email : (PI), (lab)

138, Social Science Building @ Duksung Women’s University

33 Samyangro 144-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul 01369, Korea.