Self Indulgent Artist Statement

I’m a magician of the silver screen. I take footage, and combine, cut, add to, paint over, fade, until I have created the impossible and put it in front of you. I love good storytelling, and some stories are impossible to tell without some level of Visual Effects, which is where I come in. I’m ever pursuing the same dream of being able to tell these beautiful, impossible, lasting stories.

Though I have my hands in many pies, my focus is in compositing- or the layering of footage. This can range from the Loud VFX (as I call it ) of laser blasts and teleports and all manner of evident impossibilities, to the more Quiet VFX of the well executed green screen and the subtle stitching together of multiple shots. As each movie is different, each shot is different. The most important aspect is whether or not it supports the story, because a beautiful film with an abysmal story will be appreciated by very few people. My works are done with an eye toward the organic; I firmly believe that natural elements, while increasing realism, add a certain amount of beauty to each shot that can’t be accomplished by the completely alien. The best combination is to make both striking, and when people see my work, I’d like them to feel a sense of wonder- both at what is presented by the footage and in curiosity of how I made it do what it does.

My new focus has been not only in using organic assets within my composites, but in creating them. Experimentation with various ingredients suspended in water and on glass has resulted in a significant library of fluid interactions and reactions, as well as a depth of experience in creating animation through chaotic substances. My goal is to inspire other filmmakers, to show them what beautiful imagery can be made with their own hands on a shoestring budget, through using life and physics in their art.