Ms. Niedens Geometry Classes

About the Teacher

NAME: Ms. Carri Niedens

SCHOOL/ROOM: WSHS / F214 CLASS: Geom and Geom Honors

SCHOOL PHONE: 901-416-8880 *85069 SCHOOL EMAIL:

*****UPDATE 8/24/2018: The new grading percentages are as follows: Tests and Quizzes are now grouped under Assessments and will count 40% for Traditional and 50% for Honors classes; Projects will now be worth 15% for both groups. Classwork will remain at 25% and Homework at 10% for both groups. For Traditional classes, the remaining 10% will be from the daily Bellwork/Closure assignment.*******


  • Please see the syllabus and blue prints for the approximate dates and assignments of all lessons.
  • Note that I expect you to take notes on your own, but you can print an extra copy of our outline from the notes tab.
  • See also the links tab for links to: The Text Book, WSHS, Parent Connect, the Blue Print for the State Test given in Geometry, and other reference sites for help in your mathematical experience.
  • I update grades in Power School Student and Parent Portal as fast as I can. If there is no grade showing it just means that I have not put the grade in yet. If the assignment was not completed or hasn't been turned in then a 0 will be showing. Click here for the link to the Power School Portal.
  • Please fill out the information form by clicking on the link below. (Either by a parent/guardian or by the student.)
  • Remind101 Information: All parents and students MUST sign up! This will be the primary, and quickest, form of communication between parents, students, and myself.

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Text to 81010 the following class code in the message:

1st Period: @cniedgeo1 (or click: 1st)

2nd Period: @cniedgeo2 (or click: 2nd)

3rd Period : @cniedgeo3 (or click:3rd)

4th Period: @cniedgeo4 (or click: 4th)

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