Networks Seminar Series

A series of talks in the area of Networks and Communication:

Networks Seminar, supported by the Centre for Networked Intelligence, is a technical discussion forum in topics including but not limited to computer networks, machine learning, signal processing, and information theory. The seminar series receives an audience from faculty and students in the EECS division, RBCCPS, and engineering professionals working in related fields.

Tuesdays 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (IST)

Next Talk: Connections between Unsourced Multiple Access and Sparse Recovery, by Prof. Krishna Narayanan, Texas A&M University, on Jan 25, 2022

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Upcoming Speakers:

Prof. Krishna Narayanan

Texas A&M University

Prof. Arun Padakandla

University of Tennessee

Prof. Satyajit Thakor

IIT Mandi

Dr. Praveen Thammana

IIT Hyderabad


Ajay Badita, Ph.D. student, ECE, IISc

Nishat Koti, Ph.D. student, CSA, IISc

Stanly Samuel, Ph.D. student, CSA, IISc

Previous organizers:

Krishna Chaythanya K V, Ph.D. student, ECE, IISc

Rooji Jinan, Ph.D student, RBCCPS, IISc

Sarath Yasodharan, Ph.D. student, ECE, IISc

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About - Centre for Networked Intelligence

The Network Seminar Series is organized by Centre for Networked Intelligence, under the division of EECS and RBCCPS, IISc, aims to develop next-generation networking methodologies and concept solutions that can derive knowledge from evolved networks of the future. The centre aims to build network applications and public policies for the benefit of society in areas such as smart cities, IoT/CPS, data exchanges, etc.

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