Naval Science III


Broaden the understanding of students in the operative principles of military leadership, the concept and significance of teamwork, the intrinsic value of good order and discipline in the accomplishment of objectives, and the importance of sea power and national security. Students gain a more in-depth knowledge of Naval ships and aircraft and an introduction to marine navigation and seamanship.

Course Content

Includes instruction in Sea Power and National Security, Naval Operations and Support Functions, Military Law, and International Law and the Sea. Provides introduction to Ship Construction and Damage Control, Shipboard Organization and Watch Standing, Basic Seamanship, Marine Navigation, and Naval Weapons and Aircraft. Ongoing instruction in leadership, citizenship and discipline.

Unit 1 – Sea Power & National Security

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Sea Power

Chapter 2 - The U.S. Merchant Marine

Chapter 3 - Grand Strategy & Prepardness

Chapter 4 - United States Strategy

Chapter 5 - U.S. Strategy & Naval Tactics

Chapter 6 - National Security & Modern Conflicts

Unit 2 – Naval Operations & Support Functions

Chapter 1 - Naval Operations

Chapter 2 - Naval Communications

Chapter 3 - Naval Intelligence

Chapter 4 - Naval Logistics

Chapter 5 - Navy Research & Development

Unit 3 – Military Law

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Military Law

Chapter 2 - Discipline and Punishment

Unit 4 – International Law & the Sea

Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of International Law

Chapter 2 - International Law of the Sea

Chapter 3 - The Law of War at Sea