Practice Tips

Practice Tips for Cello

Fatima Villegas

1. Make sure your left hand is in a shape of C, where your middle finger is aligned with thumb.

2. When pressing down on strings with left hand, your fingers should be rounded.

3. Start with a scale to get tuned and as a warm up. Pick out a scale in the same key as the piece you are planning on practicing.

Practicing Piano

Katherine Mumm

1. Decide on a specific set of work that you wish to play over

a. Often people find it easiest to work on pieces in chunks, maybe select a few chunks to iron out.

2. Set timer for how long you want to practice

3. When practicing, make sure to sit at a 90 degree angle, with your back straight.

4. Make sure you are centered around middle C, and don't move too much when reaching for high or low notes. Its always easiest to remain centered.

5. Take breaks! If you feel like you are having a hard time remaining focused, walking around or getting a drink of water can often allow you to return even more ready to continue practicing.