What is the problem?

  • Most of available technical tools and software are not accessible to many local governments for two main reasons: their technical complexity and their prohibitive costs (e.g. due to need for extensive data collection or hiring of external consultants).
  • Small and middle size cities face particular challenges in this regard, and are usually excluded from development programmes and city networks.

Our Vision

“Leave no-one behind”

(per UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a.k.a. Agenda 2030, and New Urban Agenda)

  • Principle

Focus on governance: strengthening local governments capacities to govern public affairs and manage their resources in a collaborative way - with other government agencies, with civil society, and with the private sector.

  • Main Goal

To provide local governments, especially those of small and medium size and with little resources, with accessible and affordable management software tools that are adapted to their needs, scales and potentials, and are possible to be handled independently with little external assistance.

Who are we?

Evandro Holz

Mariano Rossi

Edilson Holz