Teacher Lessons

Lesson 1 - How to Set up an Experiment

Using the Experimental Design Process to help students create a hypothesis and design an experiment creates student ownership and authentic learning experiences.

1 (Club) - Designing an experiment and creating a hypothesis

Experimental Design Slides

Experimental Design Intro (MEGA:BITESS virtual club 2020)
2 (Club) - Setting up an ovitrap

Lesson 2 - Setting up ovitrapping cups

How to set up ovitrapping cups with students

Lesson 3 - Placing cups and Egg collection

How to place cups based on your hypothesis.

Egg collection procedures

3 (Club) placement of ovitraps based on hypothesis
4 (Club) - Weekly ovitrapping and egg counting

Lesson 4 - Weekly ovitrapping and Egg Counting

Weekly procedures for collecting and counting eggs

Lesson 5 - Mosquito Basics

Learn about mosquitoes, their life cycles, and the pathogens that they carry.

5 (Club)-Mosquito Basics

Mosquitoes Basics Slides

Mosquito basics