Important information regarding the Wolfpack Program.




Board Policy ex 2505 (2)


Text the number 81010, in the message body type "@gak7c"

  • We use the remind account throughout the year to update parents on a variety of topics; Dinner info, game changes, practice updates, recruitment info, etc. Please join today!
  • To remove yourself from the remind app send the message "Leave"


    • All social media use by players and/or family members that mention of any part or member of Clovis East Baseball should be positive and serve to better the image of the program.
    • Any negative attention brought towards the program or any member within will result in disciplinary action not limited to suspension of players and/or dismissal from the baseball program.
    • All social media use by players is subject to the athletes code of conduct and must remain within CUSD rules.


    • Everything you put on the internet can never be undone or deleted.
    • What you post not only affects you but also everyone involved in the program.
    • Your actions on the internet can lead to disciplinary action by your school such as suspensions and/or expulsions.


CUSD Parent Code of Conduct

CUSD Parent Code of Conduct (.rtf)

CUSD Spectator Code of Conduct

CUSD Spectator Code of Conduct (.rtf)


  • Be your athlete's biggest and best supporter. When times are tough they will need you.
  • Feel free to discuss your student athlete's academic, physical or emotional well being with their head coach.
    • This may include topics such as bullying or hazing, changes in student athlete's behavior, family issues that may affect the student athlete or treatment of the athlete by coaches.
  • After your student athlete has met with their coach individually, feel free to discuss with the player and their head coach which areas they can improve upon.
  • Communicate any specific medical issues that may affect your student athlete's well being.
  • Get your athletes to games and practices on time. (Late arrival may result in a dismissal for that day)
  • Support our teams in a positive and appropriate manner.
    • Remember you are on a school campus and the players are children who need your support.
  • Use social media to bring positive attention.
    • Bringing recognition to program accomplishments are a great use of social media.
  • Remain in the stands and away from the dugouts during games or practices.


  • Communicate advice to your athlete during a game or practice; this is the job of the coaches.
  • Use social media for negative purposes that damage the program or any member within.
  • Engage in disruptive or abusive conduct towards other fans/players/coaches or umpires.
    • It is the job of the head coach to resolve issues on the field with other fans/players/coaches or umpires.
  • Please do not contact a coach directly before/during/after any game.
    • This is a busy and emotional time.
    • If a conference in needed, please be prepared to set up a meeting with you, your player, and the coach in the near future.
  • Please do not contact a coach to discuss playing time, game strategy/decisions or other players in the program.
    • These topics are not up for discussion.


CUSD Student Code of Conduct

CUSD Student Code of Conduct (.rtf)

  • Be prepared and on time for classes.
  • Be prepared and on time for practices and games.
  • Remain in uniform until you have left the field.
  • Acceptance of your role defined by coaches in individual meeting.
    • It is the job of your head coach to write lineups.
    • It is your job to force the coach to include you based on your positive actions and performance.
    • Roles change with hard work and attention to detail.
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better at all times.
    • TWO consecutive grading periods below a 2.0 may result in removal/suspension from program and PE
    • A letter grade of D or worse will result in immediate suspension
  • Keep the best interests of the program in mind when using social media.
    • Do no harm to your image or the image of the Wolfpack.
  • Do not miss practice or games
    • Days missed = games missed
    • Discuss with head coach any extreme circumstances (AP Test, illness with doctor's note, other verified absences)
  • No referrals to Student Responsibility Center
    • Multiple referrals/any serious offense may result in removal/suspension from team and PE class
  • Maximum effort and attention to detail in weight room and on practice field.


  • Be a positive influence for your student athlete and to model our culture for all players.
  • Communicate clear roles for players on their individual teams through individual meetings.
    • PLAYER-COACH role meetings may take place in Feburary.
  • Provide opportunities for players to improve psychological and individual baseball skills/techniques.
  • Manage the schedules of throwers in efforts to prevent an arm overuse injuries.
  • Maintain high expectations of effort and behavior for all players in the program.
  • Communicate coaching philosophy to players and parents.
  • Relay information on location and times of all practices and contests, especially in the event of any changes.
    • This will usually happen via Remind first then twitter which will also show up on website.
  • Presenting information such as scheduling, donations, special equipment, in-season and off-season conditioning and specific team rules.
  • Properly follow procedures in the event of an injured player.
    • This includes contact of the parents/guardians when possible.
  • Maintain discipline procedures to protect the competitive culture of the program that may result in the denial of your student’s participation.


  • Meetings will never be held regarding playing time, strategy or to compare other players.
  • Meetings may be held regarding skill development, emotional or physical issues, or other circumstances not related to coaching decisions.


  • Players should speak to coaches first regarding any issues.
  • If the issue is not fixed after a player-coach meeting then the parent may contact the head coach to arrange a PARENT-PLAYER-COACH meeting.
    • Though we understand your desire to talk with the Athletic Director or Principal first, those phone calls will be first referred to the appropriate coach.
    • If you cannot reach the head coach, please contact the CE Athletic Department at (559) 327-4790 to be referred to the proper person.
  • Do not approach a coach on a game day or before/during/ immediately after a practice.
  • If after a parent/coach meeting takes place and you still feel that your issue is unresolved email Clovis East Athletic Director Cassondra Capshew at CASSONDRACAPSHEW@CUSD.COM to set up a meeting.


  • Players in the CE Baseball Program participate in a strength and conditioning program during 7th period designed to improve upon explosiveness, power, strength and mobility.
    • Players must be academically eligible on their previous school year final grading period to be considered for enrollment.
    • Players must finish the year on their respective teams in good standing (no disciplinary actions) to be considered for enrollment.
    • Special circumstances will be decided upon by the Director of Sport.

FALL SEASON (September-November):

  • FOCUS: Improve the program as a whole by building skills/strength and team chemistry during the fall season.
  • WHERE: Groups will be split between the Clovis East Varsity Stadium and the adjacent JV Baseball Complex.
  • WHO CAN JOIN: Open to anyone who wants to play baseball from 7th-12th grades. Athletes will be divided based on age and skill.
    • Practices after school starting 3PM MON-THU.
    • Games may be scheduled during this time and players will play by invite only.

SPRING SEASON (January-May):

  • FOCUS:
    • Players: Win as many games as possible while developing positive habits and creating a winning culture. Maintaining high academic standards.
    • Coaches: Create a winning culture program-wide while managing player development and well being as well as demanding strong academic performance.
  • WHERE: Games will be played at a variety of local schools in league and tournament formats.
  • WHO CAN JOIN: Players will be required to try out for their positions on one of the three teams.
    • Student-athletes below a 2.0 GPA on the most recent grading period will not be allowed to try out.
    • Practices will be held Mon-Fri with possible practices on Saturdays.
    • Games will be played Mon-Sat for league, non-league or tournament games from February into May. See the SCHEDULES page for more information.
    • Strength and Conditioning may be held at the weight room or fitness center at the end of a shortened practice any day of the week. Players will be notified ahead of time about these dates.
    • Players that are on the posted list for one of the three teams will be allowed to participate in the 7th period PE class.
    • Players will strength train during PE three days per week with a major emphasis on maintaining strength and joint mobility throughout the long season.
    • Players will NOT participate in any physical activity (practice, game, or strength training) with another sport without expressed approval from the Director of Sport during the spring season.
  • GAMES: The amount of games vary by level. Any player can be moved up at anytime but seniors are not eligible for JV or Frosh.
    • Players are not to have any contact with any travel baseball program or "showcase" during the spring season. (January-May)
    • Any violation of this will result in ineligibility and immediate removal from the program.
    • This is a CIF RULE, no exceptions will be made.

SUMMER SEASON (June + first half of July):

  • FOCUS:
    • Players: Practice and perform new techniques/skills. Prospective college athletes will be put in situations where they receive scouting exposure. Strength and speed gains in weight room.
    • Coaches: Evaluate players in game situations, new positions or at different levels of competition while managing the health of each athlete.
  • WHERE: Games will be played at the CE Varsity Stadium, JV Baseball Field, and at multiple other schools in Clovis, Fresno, Sanger, and in other cities (varsity only)
  • WHO CAN JOIN: Players will be required to try out for their positions on one of the summer teams.
    • Incoming 9th Graders will try out together. (Unless otherwise directed by the Director of Sport)
    • 10th-12th graders will try out for positions on one of two teams.
  • STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: Weight/speed training will be held MON-FRI in the mornings.
  • GAMES: All teams will play 12-15 games per level.
    • Any athletes playing multiple sports will split time evenly between their respective sports.
    • No single sport can be given priority during the summer.
    • There are no specified seasons of sport during the summer and athletes cannot face penalty for sharing time.
    • Players are to play in CE Summer Season games first and foremost. Coaches create schedules that are intended to protect players from serious overuse injuries that may prevent them playing baseball in the future. (June-July are reserved for CE Summer Baseball)
    • Pitchers are not to pitch for any other team during this time period for their own safety and development.
    • Please discuss any special circumstances with the Director of Sport. There are select events that are very important for the recruitment of potential college players and this is a PLAYER+FAMILY+COACH conversation. Our goal is always to move as many players to the next level as possible.