Clothing To Get Sun And Vitamin D

Stay Away From Heart Disease and Blood Pressure With Vitamin D Clothing

Men or women sunbathing clothes or Vitamin D clothes used to be a dream. Now they are a reality. This is all due to brands like SolTech Plus who have been committed to developing products that are not just easy to use but also efficient in remediating our most critical of health issues and related psychological problems. We already know the lack or the absence of the sun makes us gloomy during winter. Of course we like the grey and cloudy environs of the season because it gives a perpetual cozy feeling but soon we feel like it’s too much. We miss the sun and this is the reason we miss Vitamin D as well. Do you know that severe cold seasons have limited our ability to get natural sun? This has made us more prone to Vitamin D Deficiency and many health problems associated with it.

Do You Know That Enough Sun Exposure Can Protect You Against Heart Diseases And High Blood Pressure?


What many of us don’t know is that these Vitamin D clothes are designed to do away with any deficiencies that link us to cardiovascular diseases or hypertension. There are many benefits of these clothes that we are not at all aware of. Studies have already found that in the sun-drenched areas such as the Mediterranean coasts, people have lesser rate of heart diseases and blood pressure problems. Also when you compare these stats with those of the northern or European countries and even the US, you will find that Cardiac death is more common here. It has been reported to be the highest in these countries and especially during winter months.

A number of studies have successfully been able to correlate Vitamin D3 with cardiovascular events. It was seen in several independent studies that heart attack patients tend to have lower mean D3 concentrations in their body than control subjects. A study was carried out to test the effects of Vitamin D on high rates of blood pressure. What experts were able to find out was very much a revelation.

A group of adults suffering from high blood pressure was exposed to a full spectrum tanning bed at regular intervals for 3 months. After the three month period, all participants showed an average increase of 180% in their body Vitamin D levels. Apart from this when it came to their systolic and diastolic blood pressures, they also exhibited an average 6 mm Hg decrease in.

The clothing to get sun and Vitamin D works by increasing the content of nitric oxide in our body. Active D/Calcitriol is very helpful in normalizing the impaired heart contractility. Calcitriol prevents formation of thrombus and cell adhesion by regulating heart muscle production. It is also known to increase matrix Gla protein which protects us against arterial calcification. It also suppresses the synthesis and secretion of atrial natriuretic peptide.

Also, if you have lower Vitamin D in your body, it increases the level of PTH, which again has many negative effects on the heart. Winter is approaching and we already see the sun fading away in the clouds. It is better to be prepared than sorry. Investing in a range of Vitamin D clothing could be the best thing you will do for your family and loved ones.