Online Database for the Clive Historical Society

Hello All,

This is an online database created by and for the Clive Historical Society to virtually display a variety of photos, documents, articles, newsletters, stories, and maps that are presently located at the General Store Museum in Clive, Iowa.

This site is for you to look at some of Clive's History through your own computer!

As you can see at the top of the site, there are a variety of tabs. By clicking any of these tabs, you will be directed to another part of the database.

For Example: If you are looking for an article, simply click the article tab, and you will be directed to a variety of different articles. The description will be located above the photo.

For Specific Searches:

Step 1: Go to the search tab and type what you are looking for. This will redirect you to a certain part of the site.

Step 2: Now to find exactly what you are looking for click the Command button on you computer and click the letter "F" at the same time. This will create a personal search tab which will find what ever you type in that tab.

Step 3: Click the up and down arrows near that search tab and you will find what you are looking for.

Note: The photos used on this site are from Flickr and the Clive Historical Society.