MAsT: Climax Colorado

We are officially the newest MAsT Chapter in the Rockies! Anyone that lives west of the Eisenhower Tunnel is so cut off from the available Denver area groups. We are creating a safe space for those living or interested in participating in a M/s, D/s lifestyle, or any relationship that practices a power exchange dynamic. Please see the MAsT International website for more information.

The purpose of MAsT is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations living or interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious and consensual exchange of power and authority.

We meet at least once a month in the Central Rockies and Western Slope Regions; encompassing members from: Lake County, Summit County, Park County, Chaffee County, Eagle County, Pitkin County, Garfield County, Mesa County, Delta County, Montrose County, and anywhere else you wish to commute from.

So far, we have facilitators on board in Leadville and Grand Junction. Looking for more facilitators and willing participants in the Summit and Eagle counties or beyond.

If you are a member of, you may join our discussion group at MAsT: Climax Colorado.

If you would like to receive notifications through our secret group on Facebook, please email your contact information to:

Please refer to our online calendar for a list of current events and how to RSVP for our private meeting locations.