Previous Events

Positive Corporate Climate Lobbying

panel talk

Location: The London School of Economics

31st of October 2022

A panel on recent calls for 'positive' corporate climate lobbying

Climate Activism

MANCEPT workshop

Location: University of Manchester

7-9 September 2022

Co-organised with Temi Ogunye


Climate Agents of Change


Location: The London School of Economics

25th of February 2022

A workshop on the ethical challenges faced by those agents who are both able and motivated to bring about the policy and behavioural changes needed to mitigate climate change.

Registration and schedule here

Speakers: Megan Blomfield, Simon Caney, Elizabeth Cripps, Ferguson Green, Kian Mintz-Woo

Climate Change and Rights Enforcement



25 March 2022

A workshop on how the self-defence theoretical framework can help illuminate the ethics of climate political action.

Co-organised with Susanne Burri (University of Konstanz)

Speakers:, Siba Harb (Tilburg), Lisa Hecht (Stockholm), Ivo Wallimann-Helmer (Fribourg), Susanne Burri (Konstanz), Francisco Garcia-Gibson (LSE)