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As you can see, the amount of severe natural disasters the United States has experienced has risen significantly. Natural disasters can destroy homes and flood land, and we need to stop climate change so that we have less frequent and less dangerous storms again.

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As climate change continues to produce extreme weather events and rising global temperatures, the solutions for combatting the crisis and the time to implement them are narrowing.


Tropical forests are incredibly effective at storing carbon, providing at least a third of the mitigation action needed to prevent the worst climate change scenarios. Yet nature-based solutions receive only 3% of all climate funding.

Each week, teens from our Climate and Education Hubs meet virtually for a Climate Conversation - a discussion on the various aspects and potential solutions to the climate crisis. Indeed, the issues are global, however the solutions don’t need to be. Teens talk about how they’re taking action within their local communities and even within their homes. Join the Climate Conversation through the link in our bio! The world needs us now more than ever.


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