Expanding Content and Language Integrated Learning by Using Technologies

The main goal of the Project is to experience the benefits of CLIL (students can learn different subjects in English) and ICT in different contexts to enrich partners' mastery and effective use of innovative teaching-learning methods supported by technologies.

The project is

  • enhancing our opportunities to share knowledge and learn new skills through internatilization process.
  • providing teachers and students possibilities to develop European mindset, learn new cultures, share best practices in digital cooperation, learn about different career opportunities and also about migration issues and culture.
  • creates a network of exemplary schools for introducing CLIL in education.

Erasmus+ project 2017-1-LV01-KA219-035447 is active 1.09.2017-31.08.2019


  • 18 joint and collaboratively prepared lessons provided by partner school teachers, using Skype
  • 5-day Mobilities participate in lessons for students and learning seminars for teachers related to use of CLIL and ICT
  • National/regional event for expanding experience
  • Partners give presentations about the project in regular national/regional teacher meetings for dissemination of outcomes of the project