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Artist/Performer: Clif Creates

Full Name: Clifton "Clif" Gold


Instagram: @clifcreates

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Clifton "Clif" Gold is a chalk artist based in San Jose, California. He creates whimsical line-and-pattern illustrations at festivals throughout the west coast. Clif's murals dazzle audiences using a unique process. Zen-like patterns develop into gray scale images, then come to life with glowing light and color throughout the event. Clif is a color-blind artist and makes his own "recycled" pastels into a color system for his art. His work has been featured in Italian Street Painting Marin's Madonnari Collection. He has also won "Best in Chalk of Fame" at the Pasadena Chalk Festival and "Best Use of Color" at the Autism Hwy Chalk Festival. Clif organizes the Luna Park Chalk Art Festival in San Jose, CA and Chalk Full of Fun on the Square event in Redwood City, CA

About his chalk:

Due to his colorblindness, Clif works with limited color palettes made from his “recycled” chalk. He takes unused sticks and scrap “nubs” that are leftover from previous festivals and sorts them into jars using an app on his phone to help verify the colors. He then grinds or “averages” the colors into rich base primary, secondary, “mother color” brown and “father color” gray pigments using a coffee grinder. The base pigments are mixed into 13 hues, again using the app to verify that the colors have stayed in their original family. Small amounts of “mother color” brown and “father color” gray pigments are used to harmonize the colors, inspired by how old masters like Rembrandt used to mix paint. Then, dark shades and light tints are mixed for each hue using special combinations of white chalk, “mother color” brown and “father color” gray. Clif forms the chalks using silicone candy molds and embosses the chalk with a color code so they are easy to identify.

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Photo by Terry Scussel Photography

Photo by Jim Gold