"Diversity in Music" by Victoria Rosales

Letter from Collaborator:

"Hello there, I am Victoria Rosales!

I’m a Girl Scout, student, and a musician. Music has always been my biggest passion. Being creative and expressing my feelings through melodies and lyrics has been the biggest source of peace and elation in my life. That is why I was mortified to come to the realization that there are such small numbers of women working in the world of audio. We desperately need women in the audio industry to act as guides for the future generations of women and non-binary people in audio to come. In a male-dominated industry, we need to be able to find other people who can help lift us up. That's why for my Gold Award project, the highest and most complex award one can achieve in Girl Scouts, I wanted to work with my community of high school girls and non-binary people to create a safe learning environment about different careers in the music industry featuring some special guests. These guests are hugely important women who are professionals in their careers in the music industry. In this multi-faceted project, I’ll be discussing their career trajectories with them and seeing what knowledge they have to offer young, underrepresented people in the music industry, so you can gain some knowledge on how to enter this space, as well as see yourself represented in the world of music!

Thank you and please enjoy!"