Clan Clashero

Clash of Clans: Strategy Game



Welcome to all clan that welcomes all TH levels!

Are you a clasher looking for a clan to war daily? Are you looking for a relaxed clan? Then we're perfect for you. Clashero is a clan run by determined clashers to give you a pleasant experience through your Clash life. We treat everyone the same whether they are TH 3 or TH 12. We aren't just clanmates, we are family. Who said the leader and the co can only start a war or kick members? In Clashero, we war and kick (you must tell us why) on request. Join us quickly as the most exciting thing in Clash of Clans is leading and helping a clan to grow.

- History -

Born from the ashes of a level 12 clan, Clashero rules to win. Clashero's run by a small group of determined clashers and we're one of those clans that've got a lotta ups and downs on our way.

Get tips on how to get your BK in just 1 week!* If you are not sure which troop may be best for your defense, approach our clan leaders for help!



·We war upon request and two times a week

·Tips for Town Hall levels 2-10

·Fun in-game events.

·We are friendly and our co-leaders are always on the forum.



~Attacking twice during war is mandatory

~Be friendly and active in chat. Who doesn't like talking?

~Opt-Out from war if necessary

~Rudeness isn't tolerated

~You must get at least 50 points in the CG.

~Must demonstrate activity in order to be in war

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