The Rise of Napster

The Rise of Napster

The Rise of Napster Ethics in the Music Industry Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you will research the rise of Napster and write a paper that explores the ethical dilemma surrounding it. The following article from The Globe and Mail website offers a comprehensive look at the history and impact of Napster on the music industry and the concept of intellectual property:

You will find all of the information here that you require to complete this assignment, but you are encouraged to incorporate your own research, if you would like to learn more about Napster. You should answer the following questions as a framework for you paper, as they deal with questions of ethics, integrity, and professionalism:

– Who was impacted by these individuals’ decisions and actions? How?

– Napster started as an application meant to be used among friends, but quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon. What does this say about the repercussions of our actions?

– Why do you think integrity and fairness are important in the music industry? How did the actions of these individuals compromise the integrity of the industry?

– How was Napster adapted to be more ethical?

– What do you think the founders of Napster will be remembered for in 10 years?

– What lessons have you learned from the Napster story? Has learning about this incident inspired you to make changes in your own life?