The Honest Truth about Fake News ... and How Not to Fall for It

Read the following web article:

After completing the activity, answer the following questions in a blog post:

  1. What is fake news?
  2. What are ways to help you detect fake news? Name at least 5 hints or strategies.
  3. What are potential consequences when fake news goes viral? Do you think you could spot fake news or would you be fooled? Why or why not?
  4. What happens when fake news spreads? What actions can I take to verify news stories, photographs and other sources of online information?
  5. Explain at least two ways fake news could affect the results of future elections or may have affected the recent presidential election?
  6. What will you do next time? Every time? What are three ways you can verify articles and images to avoid being fooled by fake news?
  7. What can companies like Facebook and Snapchat do to stop users from spreading fake news? What can ordinary people do? What do you think would work, especially with younger users?