Green Poster

Green Sign Poster

Design a poster to promote environmental sustainability in our community!

The Delta Youth Environmental League is calling all students aged Kindergarten to Grade 12 to be creative and design posters tackling sustainability in three areas:

  • Energy Management
  • Waste Management
  • Water Conversation

The winners of the contest will have their posters displayed throughout the entire community of Delta!!!

How does it work?

1) Choose one of the topics (Energy Management, Waste Management or Water Conservation).

2) Check out the “Green Tips” listed on the contest website. Choose one or more of these tips to include in your poster.

3) Design your poster. Make sure to be creative, so as to design an eye-catching poster with emotional appeal.

4) Submit your poster (submission form and instructions located on the contest website).

Submissions are being accepted until November 14, 2014. Following this date, the posters will be judged and the winning posters will then start being displayed all over Delta. Energy Management posters will be displayed throughout December. Waste Management posters will be displayed throughout January. Water Conservation posters will be displayed throughout May.

There will also be awesome prizes…including a $400 gift certificate to South Shore Cycle that can be put towards a new bike!!!