Unit 2 – Three Achievements

Achievements are things you have done that you are most proud of. Include items from more than one category:

  1. In class (eg. CD/DVD of theatre, dance or music performance; art project; metal work or woodwork project; computer project; report or school project; short story, poem, essay, or article; report card; academic awards, “G” awards, and service awards; etc.)
  2. Extra-curricular (eg. school or community clubs/sports; specialty certificates such as WHMIS, WorkSafe, FoodSafe, SuperHost, First Aid, etc.; leadership activities in and out of school, such as Student Organizing Committee, Intramurals or Diversity clubs; music or dance classes; sports or recognition awards; etc.)
  3. In the community (eg. employment evaluations, Work Experience or school Apprenticeship Program involvement; volunteer experiences; Girl Guide/Scout/Cadet participation; drivers’ license; service awards; new Canadian citizenship papers; etc.)