Jaws – Steven Spielberg – 1975

Answer the following questions throughout the viewing of this film.

1. Explain how the opening of the film (“Chrissie’s last swim”) utilizes suspense rather than surprise.

2. What is Chief Brody’s first reaction to finding out that there might be a shark feeding near Amity?

3. How do Chief Brody and Mayor Vaughn differ in their approaches to dealing with the shark? Why is this?

4. Describe Amity Island before the arrival of the shark.

5. What effect does the close up on Chief Brody during the second shark attack have on us as viewers?

6. The 2 men fishing with a roast is a good example of building suspense through what is not seen. How does Spielberg do this effectively? Think of the sound, action, and dialogue.

7. Describe Hooper as a character.

8. Describe Hooper’s reaction throughout the autopsy? Why is he not satisfied when the men catch a large shark they assume to the one responsible for the earlier attacks?

9. How does the mood of the film change when the vacationers first arrive for the Fourth of July?

10. What kind of shot type does Spielberg use in the next shark attack and why is this effective as our 1st look at the shark?