The Breakfast Club - John Hughes - 1985

  1. How are stereotypes used to convey characters in the Breakfast Club?
  2. Would you classify Bender as a heartless criminal? Why/ Why Not?
  3. Are there any aspects of the film that are no longer relevant in high school society?
  4. What elements in the movie are timeless?
  5. Discuss how the stories the characters tell affect the others attitudes to one another.
  6. Discuss how the dress code of the characters represents their personality.
  7. In the film what happens to the group when they are forced to spend time together?
  8. How do the students react to the principal Vernon putting them in the library all day?
  9. Discuss which character you relate to including their personal experiences, traits, appearances and perspective of the world.
  10. In the film “The Breakfast Club” the characters start as stereotype and end as something else. Consider how narrative and film conventions have developed one character.