Footloose - Herbert Ross - 1984

1. Analyze the community in which Ren lives. What was restrictive about the town of Beaumont? Who controlled the activities and why? Who fought to be able to lift the restrictions? Why?

2. Analyze Ariel and Reverend Shaw’s characters. Compare and contrast them. What role does each play in the town of Beaumont? What values do each hold? Where do they obtain these values?

3. Analyze Ren’s character. Look up the definition of “hero” in the dictionary. To what extent is Wren a hero? Who assisted him in achieving his goals? Could he have accomplished them alone?

4. Analyze the role of music and dancing in society. Why do people listen to music? Why do people dance? Why would people want to restrict these artistic forms? Is there a way to compromise?

5. Analyze Reverend Shaw as a dynamic character. To what extent does the Reverend change? What does he believe in the beginning of the film? At the end? Who or what helps him to change? At what point does the viewer see the change?