The Wizard of Oz – Victor Fleming – 1939

  1. At the beginning of the movie, Dorothy sings about wanting to be “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. By the end of the movie she realizes that “There’s no place like home”. What happened to change her mind?
  2. Remember how the Lion needed a medal from the Wizard before he felt that he was courageous? The Tin Man needed a heart from the Wizard before he thought that he could be kind. And the Scarecrow needed a piece of paper saying he was smart. But the Lion already was courageous, the Tin Man was already kind and the Scarecrow was already smart when they were traveling with Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road. This was long before they ever met the Wizard. What does this tell you?
  3. Did Oz really happen or was it just Dorothy’s dream?
  4. Why was Dorothy so happy to return home to a drab existence in Kansas when the land of Oz was so beautiful and colourful?