The Kite Runner - Marc Forster - 2007

1. At the beginning of the film, what qualities does the audience perceive in the friendship between Amir and Hassan? By the end of the film, what is discovered about their relationship?

2. After the kite-flying festival, when Hassan runs to get Amir’s kite, what happens to him? How does this event impact the boys’ friendship?

3. What is the political climate of Afghanistan when Amir and Hassan are boys? Why does Amir’s father leave for Pakistan?

4. As Baba and Amir are escaping to Pakistan, they are stopped by a Russian who intends to molest a young mother on the truck. How does Baba handle the situation? Why is this encounter especially trying for Amir?

5. Why does Rahim Khan summon Amir to Pakistan? Why does Amir then go on to Kabul?

6. In addition to being a part of the culture of Amir and Hassan’s boyhood, what thematic significance does kite flying have?