3 Idiots – Rajkumar Hirani – 2009

Bollywood is the term used for India’s largest film industry. Bollywood produces films that are in the language Hindi. As well as being India’s largest film industry, it is also the largest film industry in the world in terms of producing movies, as it produces over 1000 movies each year. It is a billion dollar industry and a significant contributor to India’s economy.

The cultural significance of Bollywood is tremendous. It is not merely just a film industry, it is a cultural phenomenon. Bollywood reflects India’s vibrant and unique culture and is heavily influenced by Indian society. Throughout its history, Bollywood films have reflected the ever-changing morals and values of Indian culture. Bollywood films incorporate Indian culture in almost every aspect. For example, most films feature Indian weddings, in which actors wear traditional Indian clothing and perform songs in Indian languages. Many of the story lines revolve directly around Indian customs and practices. Bollywood films are so closely linked to Indian culture that they have become part of the celebrations for holidays, as most major films release on important festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Ramadan, or Eid.

While Bollywood is significantly influenced by Indian society, the same can be said vice-versa. Indian society is heavily influenced by Bollywood films, songs, and stars. For example, Bollywood movies set new fashion trends, and people look at Bollywood for inspiration in terms of what they should wear. If an actress dawns a new style of wedding dress in a movie, it becomes the latest trend for brides in India the following wedding season. Bollywood music also plays a huge role in Indian culture, as songs from Bollywood movies are played at every wedding, party, or festival. Bollywood has helped India’s economy as it has created jobs and shaped India’s international image. Ultimately, Bollywood and Indian culture are intertwined and go hand in hand.

1. Is Bollywood bigger than Hollywood?

2. Was Bollywood or Hollywood first?

3. Which is the highest budget movie in India?

4. What language is spoken in Bollywood movies?

5. Which actor has done the most movies in Bollywood?

6. Upload a collage of Bollywood Poster Art to your blog entry..try to pick out the 'greatest' Bollywood films of all time!