A Trip to the Moon – Georges Melies – 1902

1. Where did Georges Melies study in Paris?

2. What is considered to be Melies’ principle contribution to film?

3. What effect did Melies’ jammed camera have on film?

4. What did Melies discover in the occurrence of his jammed camera?

5. What film techniques did Melies pioneer?




6. What award from France did Melies receive for his contribution to Cinema?

7. Where does the opening scene of “A Trip to the Moon” take place?

8. What is the group told they will witness if they ascend to the roof?

9. Where does the rocket ship first land?

10. How does the King on the Moon punish the travellers?

11. Who are the moon inhabitants?

12. What happens when the moon inhabitants are touched?

13. Ultimately, what happens to the King of the Moon?