Black Panther - Ryan Coogler - 2018

1. T’Challa seeks counsel from women in the film - the Dora Milaje, his mother, his sister, Shuri. Why is this simple addition important to Black images in film?

2. Like Ethiopia, Wakanda has never been colonized. How does the film demonstrate this idea through images and script?

3. Wakanda has vibranium, the most precious resource in the Marvel universe. How is this similar to Africa’s relationship with Europe today?

4. What gives T’Challa his powerful leadership ability?

5. What are the forces that create Eric Killmonger? Do we have Eric Killmongers in our community today?

6. T’Challa is a king, a leader, a mentor, and a reflective spiritual individual. He has a responsibility to lead. Even without his powers, he is still an exceptional leader. Name the qualities a leader needs to serve the people.

7. Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, is a scientist with all the Black Girl Magic. Why is Shuri such a successful scientist? What are the qualities demonstrated in her character, and how does the writer and director demonstrate Shuri’s intellect through images?

8. The Dora Milaje, or the Royal Guard of Wakanda, work together for a common cause. Why is this image so powerful to those witnessing this film? How did you feel when you witnessed the Dora Milaje working together to defeat an enemy of Wakanda?