1. Entrepreneurship Basics

1. Define the Key Terms:

    1. Entrepreneur-
    2. Entrepreneurship-
    3. Employees-
    4. Integrity-
    5. Ethical Behavior-
    6. Self- Assessment-

2. Explain the difference between an Employee and Entrepreneur.

3. Why do people become entrepreneurs?

4. What is the main reason someone starts an entrepreneurship business?

5. 3 reasons why someone would want to start their own business?

6. Name 3 local businesses and the purpose of the business?

7. List the advantages of an entrepreneurship.

8. What are the disadvantages of being an entrepreneur?

9. List 4 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

10. Name the 5 characteristics of good team members.

11. If you could start your own business what would it be?

12. Do you feel that you have the skills to become an entrepreneur?