Vincent Parker, 50's, Bohemian artist type whose intense desire to escape mediocrity and irrelevance threatens to destroy his loving relationship with his teenage daughter

Lisa Parker, 16 year old Batmaniac, whose budding relationship with her boyfriend Jeff takes on more and more significance as the rest of her life tumbles down around her

Margot Parker, 40's, Vincent's wife and muse, who sacrificed her own promising art career to raise her daughter Lisa

Shazz, 50's, a brilliant, but spiritually tormented artist struggling to escape his desperate circumstances

Jeff, 16, gawky but adorably sweet, the love of Lisa's life

Penny , 40's, Stepford Wife type, blames Vincent for her sister Margot's misfortune

Carly, 30's, attractive goth barista with a death wish

Arnold, 50's, art dealer, Vincent's best friend from high school