Three Paragraph Summary

July 18, 1610

An enigmatic figure murders Michelangelo de Caravaggio and crafts his ashes into a dangerous looking supernatural object.


Artist VINCENT PARKER, Bohemian good looks, loses his wife and inspiration, MARGOT, in a car accident for which he blames himself. His life becomes increasingly desperate as he struggles to create art again and spirals into alcoholism, giving Margot’s vengeful sister PENNY an opportunity to gain custody of LISA, Vincent’s teenage Batmaniac daughter. Vincent seizes the opportunity to turn things around by accepting a pencil with "special powers" from a successful artist named SHAZZ, who doesn't divulge the real potential of this strange and mysterious object.

Although skeptical, Vincent allows the pencil to create amazing art, turning his life around and showering him with the success and fame he's been so desperately seeking . He’s on top of the world... until the pencil 's imagery turns dark and dangerous, threatening relationships with his best friend ARNOLD, his new girlfriend CARLY and his precious daughter. When the pencil leads him to unintentionally murder someone, he must unearth its secrets and learn how to destroy it before it kills others he loves.

Vincent learns that Lisa has stolen the pencil to give to her boyfriend JEFF as a six month anniversary present. As Vincent rushes against the clock to save Lisa, things spiral further out of control as he blacks out next to a pool of Penny’s blood. He must ultimately harness the pencil’s supernatural powers he's been fighting against to clear his name and save his daughter, but the stakes are life or death. Who will ultimately care for Lisa: Vincent or Aunt Penny... who may not be dead after all.