My Facebook Page is a war zone where two different groups of friends attack each other continually: My "Entertainment Friends" and my "Christian Friends."

It's clear through numerous posts that my friends in show business have little tolerance/understanding of real Christianity outside of inflammatory media coverage of all things right wing that are immediately attributed to close-minded, conservative Evengelical Christians. (By the way, there is such a thing as a "liberal" Christian as well, and I consider myself one.) I wanted to bring to these friends a way to discover/explore their spirituality through a familiar and non-threatening means - the Broadway musical. I hope that, if nothing else, the album offers some new obscure Broadway songs and unusual medley choices that they may not have even heard. The album will also, hopefully, encourage my show biz friends to "go deeper" when they sing their own Broadway "songs of the spirit."

I've found some of my Christian friends judgmental about the arts and its significance. I hope to provide a crossroads where faith and art intersect. As a musician and one who cherishes musical depth, complexity and soaring melodies, I am often not satisfied singing "worship songs" with easy chords and structures. I crave something more - something that not only challenges me musically, but also something that helps me see/experience God in brand new (and surprising) ways. Once I started listening to Broadway songs with this in mind, I started gaining many more insights into the character of God - not just through the usual means of Sunday morning boiler plate contemporary Christian songs.

Ultimately, my vision is one of healing - bringing two great groups of people together - people who rarely understand each other and often don't even try. Sharing music is a time-tested recipe for greater understanding and growth. Will we all agree on politics? No. Religion? Definitely not. But hopefully we can all agree on great music - music that lifts the spirit. My hope and prayer is that Broadway Songs of the Spirit brings us all hope for a more unified and loving tomorrow.