Album Credits

Piano: John Douglas (

Guitar: Tariqh Akoni (

Drums: Kevin Winard (

Bass: Santino Tafarella (

Violin: Nicole McKenzie

Flute: Andrea 'DiMaggio

Cello: Tim Beccue, Brianna Gilman

Saxophone: Andrew Martinez

Orchestration, Arrangements & Charts: John Douglas

Recorded and mixed at Santa Barbara Sound Studios by sound guru Dominique Camardella.

Back cover: Photo by Martha Swope ©The New York Public Library

I'd like to thank all of my amazing voice teachers along the way who have made a profound influence in my life: Peggy Norcross, Carlos Noble, Thom Houser, David Potter, Eddie Sayeg and of course, my drama teacher and second dad Rick Mokler.

In addition, I'd like to thank these amazing pastors, teachers and best friend ministers who have shaped my Christian Faith journey: Brian & Dawn Prestwich, Willie & Lisa Rajala, Ike Jenkins, Eugene Peterson (rest in peace), Tim Keller, Carole & Paddy Ducklow, Paul Stevens, Loren and Marybeth Wilkenson, Reed & Steve Jolley, Leo (the Jesuit whose last name I forgot) and my Christian Arts Group (Rafael Perea de la Cabada, Jay Ewart, Steve Hansen, Ron McCarley, Scott Douglas & Mica Williams.)

Special Thanks: Scott and Nancy Lee Sayre. Shelly Markham, Ben Patterson, Mike Willbanks, . and all the wonderful people who donated to my GoFundMe page, I couldn't have done it without you!

In Memorandum: To Mom, Shirley Sayre and Dad, Robert Sayre- always my biggest supporters and fans! Sorry you didn't get to hear this while you were here, but I know you're both listening from above. Love you forever mom and dad! You are missed! You were my original inspiration - taking me to see Broadway Musicals by age four and recording songs on the old reel-to-reel tape recorder, singing along with Mark Lester in Oliver! (whom I later learned was dubbed for the movie by a female.)

Extra Special Thanks to my daily inspirations and encouragers: my amazing kids Blaine and Kailey and my wonderful wife Sharon. I'm humbled to be husband and father to such amazing people.