Clare to Norway

for New Year's 2019

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Past trips

A GAdventure trip in Norway struck my fancy last summer, and I signedup to get away, leaving from Logan on Christmas Day.

I'd been to Oslo before, in 2014, so I arrived the day the tour started and went to the Christmas Market. I'd always wanted to see one but not especially to buy anything. It was charming (if a bit damp) and there were two talking-head moose looking down us.

The trip from Oslo to Trondheim was good: train comfortable, scenery looking chilly! We began to get to know one another and had a good dinner upon arrival.

Trondheim is a pretty university town, with a great cathedral where we heard an organ concert. I made my way around mostly on my own (I hate slowing people down and prefer my own time to see things)

From Trondheim to Bodø, by a comfortable overnight train, then where we took a van to the Saltsfijord to see the tidal rush from a bridge spanning the narrows.

To a modern condo in Svinoya, opposite Loeften, where we had a marvelous New Year's Eve!!

And to Tromso, where the sun does not come above the horizon at this time of year. We went to the "Magic Ice" room/bar and enjoyed freezing!

And finally to the Tromso Arctic Reindeer, which certainly was an experience worth having, outside Tromso. The reindeer run free (except for a few who are tamed to pull sleighs) and we were told about the Laplanders by a charming woman named Luna. Their way of life is threatened, and opening their area to tourists is a way to perhaps show that their land is valuable in other ways than a location for oil fields.

At night we took a six hour drive to find NO NORTHERN LIGHTS. So now I guess I'll have to go to Canada to see them..??! ( a couple of our group stayed another night and DID get to see them so I'm including their shot here)

Final notes: As usual with GAdventures, a well planned experience, with interesting hotels, great participants (do we self-select?) from all over the world. As far as I'm concerned, I enjoyed it a lot although I recused myself from some of the more strenuous activities. I had NO problems with my flying or transport and found I could live very well out of a carry-on. Next trip in May!!