Annual Newsletter

Newsletter- 2016

Hello Neighbor.

The Churchill Landing Association (CLA) welcomes you back to the beach!

CLA is a 501 (c) (3) organization comprised of volunteers from our neighborhood dedicated to the preservation of Churchill Landing Sandy Beach. CLA owns 18 acres of pristine beach extending from the rock groin south of the Landing with its boardwalk, to the right of way at Circuit Ave, with a total of 9 access points. Most of these have associated crosswalks on Manomet Ave. We welcome you to use the beach and enjoy the pleasures it has to offer.

Our annual meeting will be held at The Moose Lodge in Manomet on Friday, July 8, 2016 at 7:30 PM. As a member, this is your opportunity to meet the CLA Board, learn our focus and vision, ask questions, volunteer, and actively participate in open elections for the CLA Board of Directors.

CLA is seeking volunteers to fill openings for Officers, Directors, and committee members. Please contact us if you are interested. Being a Board member allows you to actively participate in beach planning, activities, and conserve the fragile beach environment.

Although the winter did not bring much snow, we still experienced a number of severe winter storms that resulted in damage to many of the rock revetments in the area of the Old Beach Road access. A number of owners, including CLA, have made repairs this spring in order to maintain the integrity of the bluff and assure the safety of beachgoers. This necessitated the presence of equipment on the beach throughout much of the winter. Please remember that this expensive maintenance would not be possible without your annual beach dues.

The Churchill Landing boardwalk at the end of Old Beach Road is maintained by CLA from June through early fall - the easiest access to the beach. (Please be aware that parking is not allowed on Old Beach Road and cars may be ticketed or towed!) Unfortunately, CLA cannot maintain this access point during winter, and severe coastal storms may render the access point virtually unusable during typical winters. Please use caution and pass at your own risk. The Grove Avenue access just north of the boardwalk may present an easier approach, although the stairs there are currently somewhat askew and difficult to navigate.

Dues have not increased and remain at $50 per family ($25 for seniors age 70+). All money received is applied towards paying the annual taxes and legal fees to maintain non-profit status, repair of the Churchill Landing access infrastructure and beach maintenance for usability, annual newsletter mailing, and also administrative costs such as room rental, software, and supplies.

In closing the CLA Board thanks you for your generous support over the years. Enjoy the beach responsibly and abide by the beach rules posted at the Churchill Landing access.

Enjoy your summer!

Churchill Landing Association Inc. / P.O. Box 1563 / Manomet, MA 02345