Finger Picking Styles

Here are some clips of some of my solo guitar playing (with some stuff like drums added in some cases). These are quite fancy styles and take a bit of time to learn. If you have bought a music book but are finding it difficult to work through I should be able to help you make some progress.

Tuition samples in Easy Irish Mandolin

Here's a sample of the audio files I use to support learning to play traditional music on the mandolin. This is fine for beginners.

Tuition samples in Intermediate Celtic Mandolin

Some more challenging styles you can learn.

Mandolin Workshop Samples

These are some samples from a recent plucked string workshop, mainly composed of mandolins and bouzoukis. There are about a dozen people playing.

Jazz on A Spanish Guitar

Some wee bits I found around my drive of me playing jazz on my Spanish guitar - might post some more full pieces soon - this is all I could find for now (been promising that for years).

Exotic Sampler

Here are some snippets of me playing various unusual instruments in various settings, some live, some home-recorded. Click here for a list of the instruments I play on this selection: Exotic Sampler