I'll post Things as they happen (like a blog?) and maybe, now and again, some stuff from the vault. There will be a lot from my students. Give them time to load! Latest at the top.

Afro Plus Relative doodling

I sent my nephew (kives in France) a wee drum and guizouki doodle - which he continued to doodle on with his slide guitar. The 'guizouki' is a an old spanish guitar (£20) that I made into a kind of bouzouki). This is very 'Paris Texas' Ry Cooder minimalism, but you should hear his blues playing. Dec 2019
W7 samples track.mp3

Mandolin Workshop Medley 2016

I teach classes of plucked instruments (one flute in there briefly). Mandolins, bouzoukis and guitars; my favourite sounds playing some great tunes. About 12 people in this class.
Nice afro plus.mp3

The Monk's Jig Jam Irish

This is me teaching a guitar and bouzouki player how to accompany a jig. The aim is to create a 'texture' that compliments the tune and doesn't get in the way. It's a bit loose but that's okay.
Jim and Mark Hitler's Downfall.mp3

Anja's New Hoose Made up!

For herself: there are a couple of software instruments including small pipes but the scratchy fiddles and violas are 'real'. I made simple Kontakt and Halion instruments for the small pipes.
Anja's Hoose v 5.mp3