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The Protective Covenants establish both the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the requirement for improvements of property to first be approved by the committee. In general, any improvement to the exterior of your home or to your property, which is visible to the public, requires approval of the Architectural Control Committee.


1. Electronically submit the online form with your digital samples. In the event you don't have your samples in digital format or need to follow up with your samples see options 2-4. Please allow for a minimum of 10 days for your onilne approval.

2. Email your completed PDF form or Online Form with digital samples to Please allow for a minimum of 10 days for your online/emailed approval.

3. Mail TWO COPIES of your completed printed out form with sample materials: CKSII Attn. ACC PO Box 621625 Littleton CO 80162. Please allow for a minimum of 24 days for your mailed request.

4. Personally deliver your completed printed out form with sample materials to CKSII HOA meeting or by appointment. Please allow for a minimum of 10 days for your online/emailed approval.

If you have questions please reach out to one of the members of the ACC, their information is on the right of this page and the HOA Contacts page.


The ACC committee has worked with Sherwin Williams to build a portfolio of 52 color schemes to select from for your upcoming exterior painting project. The ACC committee will consider requests outside of this list; however choosing from this list should expedite your request. NOTE ALL exterior paint projects are required to go through ACC approval whether choosing from the CKSII color scheme portfolio or requesting a new color scheme be considered.


Gather and submit your samples to include with your request. For many improvements, it is necessary to provide samples or plans in order for the ACC to evaluate your request. This is true whether your form is submitted electronically, in person or through mail. Some of the items to include are:

Paint chips, sample building materials, building and landscape plans, fence layout, plans or brochures for proposed structures, etc. In general, include anything that you think will help the ACC with its evaluation of your improvement. NOTE: Samples are normally not returned.

If your samples are in electronic form such as brochures, color samples, etc, they can be attached to the email with the ACC Approval Request form. These same items can be printed and submitted with your form via U.S. Mail.

If the sample or plan information cannot be emailed or sent through U.S. Mail because of size, those items can be dropped off to the ACC. Please contact a member of the ACC directly, their information is on the right of this page and the HOA Contacts page. They will be glad to help!


Once the ACC Approval Request form and any necessary samples or plans are received, the ACC will process your request for approval. If additional information is needed, the ACC will contact you for that information and may request to meet with you, should more detailed discussion be necessary. You will receive notice of the ACC decision either by email or through U.S. Mail within thirty (30) days, after all necessary samples/plans have been provided. If time is an issue, the ACC may notify you by phone. You will receive written notification.

GETTING THE FORM (PDF instructions)

Right-click the form image to the right and then SAVE the form to your device.

Do not attempt to complete the form online using your browser.

Note: If multiple improvements are being requested, each improvement requires a separate form. Do not combine multiple improvements on a single form. The form will not be accepted.


The form is a fillable PDF and requires a PDF reader. The most common reader is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded here.

It is highly recommended to fill in the form electronically.

This method is faster, makes the form much easier to read and allows you to sign and submit the form via email to the ACC, right from the form.

Note: If the fillable fields are not highlighted on the form after you download it, you need to change a setting on Acrobat Reader. Here's how.

Click Edit, Preferences and Forms and check the ‘Highlight Color’ field

Click OK

If you want to fill in the form by hand, just print it and follow the instructions in the U.S. Mail section, below.


After entering all of your improvement information on the form, including the current date next to the signature field,

add your electronic signature by clicking on the Homeowner's Signature field.

If this is the first time using a digital signature, you will be prompted to create one. It's easy to do and you only need to do it once.

* You will normally want to save the digital signature to a file on your device.

* Enter your name as you would normally use when signing a document.

* Enter your email address.

* Enter a password to protect your signature file.

* Save your digital signature

When adding your signature to the form, you will be asked to save the form. Select the desired location on your device to store the signed form.

Note: It is suggested that you name the signed form using your last name and the improvement name. That makes it easy for the ACC to

find your specific form. For example, the form name could be "ACCApprovalSmithRoof".

You will also be asked for your signature password.

At this point, your digital signature will be added to the form and the form will be saved.

Note that the signature will include your name, as well as a date and time stamp showing when you 'signed' the form.

To submit the form directly to the ACC via email, open the saved form and click on the green button.

An email message will open. The signed form will be attached to this email. The email address for the ACC will already be filled in

and the subject line will read: "Form Returned: " followed by the name that you gave the form e.g. "Form Returned: ACCApprovalSmithRoof"

Finally, send the email.

If improvement samples or plans are necessary, they must be provided in order for the ACC to proceed. Please see the SUBMITTING SAMPLES section, below.


If you would like to submit the form as a printed document, sign and date the form and mail TWO copies to:


P.O. Box 621625

Littleton, CO 80162

ACC Contacts

  • ACC Chair, Joshua Kunkel: 303-475-1809 / Email
  • ACC Committee, Steve Kalney: Phone 720-231-8154
  • ACC Committee, Adam Blake: Phone 303-621-6323