Update from Kharkiv #9

Thursday March 3, 2022

Nothing from IB..


We woke up at 4:a.m. and went through the tunnels to the train station. At 6:30 there were many people at the station. A is staging in Kharkiv.

We got on the train to Khmelnitsky. We got so lucky and are very happy to leave Kharkiv. We are dreaming of a shower and a soft bed. I hope to arrive at our destination by tomorrow morning, but nobody knows for sure. I think we well need 2 days to relax and understand what to do next. I don't think we will stay there. We want to go further fromKyiv, maybe Chrnivtsy, Uzhhorod is the best choice.

This trip is not an easy one as we have to spend 20-24 hours in a sitting position in a crowded compartment (of the train) - so we won't' feel good tomorrow, but we are not going to be bombed, hopefully. Do you understand this war? Do you have any idea how long it is going to be?